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10 Hot Kitchen Trends in 2014

10 Hot Kitchen Trends in 2014

Are you thinking about a kitchen renovation but don’t know where to start? Here’s a guide of the top 10 kitchen trends of 2014 to help you get started on building your dream kitchen.


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  • Solid Backsplash:

For those who prefer a neat and clean kitchen, this is an ideal design. Solid backsplashes look smart and are strong and durable. Added bonus is that a solid requires very little maintenance.

Wrapped island

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  • Wrapped Island:

One of the hottest new kitchen trends of the year, you can gather family and friends around and still have enough room to cook.


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  • Open Shelving:

A bistro style kitchen now ranks high in many kitchen renovations priority list. Showcase all those beautiful dishes and glass containers on open shelving.


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  • Two colors Cabinetry:

A modern way of designing a kitchen while being able to mix and match design ideas.

Recycled material

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  • Recycled & Reclaimed Material:

Eco-friendly materials have come a long way in the last couple years. You can still have the look and the materials you want without a hefty price tag.


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  • Neutral Painted Cabinet:

Neutral colors offer a pleasant modification to the plain white kitchens.

Contemporary Wood

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  • Contemporary Wood Front:

With an endless amount of options from cherry to maple this is a trend you can make your own.


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  • Stainless kickboard:

Stainless steel is not just for your appliances and backsplash anymore. Adding stainless steel kickboards can turn a kitchen from drab to fab.

Black and white

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  • Black and white:

Timeless and classic, you will never regret using black and white in your kitchen.


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  • Earthy Colors:

Colors create a lot of excitement in the kitchen and by selecting earth colors, you’ll never fails to impress your guests.

Keep these trends in mind and you are just a step away from a fabulous kitchen.

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10 Hot Kitchen Trends in 2014


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