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5 Easy Ways to Improve the Look of Your House Before Selling

5 Easy Ways to Improve the Look of Your House Before Selling

Replace Cabinet Knobs

You probably don’t think much about your cabinet knobs, especially since you’ve lived with them for years. Replacing the knobs, however, can shift your kitchen’s aesthetic without costing you much money. Look for hardware with real personality. The knobs don’t need to dominate the room, but they should look nice enough to grab a potential buyer’s attention.

Get New Window Blinds

Old window blinds can make a beautiful room look shabby. Over the years, your pets or children might have bent some of the blinds. Dirt can also make the blinds look dingy.

Getting new window blinds doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Plus, it’s a lot easier than trying to replace individual blinds that have been damaged. Washing old blinds is also a pain that takes more time than most home-sellers can afford.

Add New Couch Pillows

Getting a new couch can cost thousands of dollars, but you can buy new pillows for practically nothing. Why bother replacing something that you’ll take with you? When potential buyers enter your home, they often try to imagine how they would feel living there. A new splash of color can make that easier.

It also helps to remove old, worn out pillows that can make the room look a little sad and out-of-date. It’s best to give buyers positive feelings when you can.

Give Your Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate any room. When choosing a color, look for neutral tones. Good colors include:

pale yellow

Avoid extreme colors that might turn some buyers off. You should also avoid white. White walls can make a home look too sterile and cold. You want a warm, inviting home that begs people to stay.

Clean Everything

Many people like to think of moving into a new home as a fresh start that will improve their lives. It’s pretty hard to imagine a fresh start when you’re looking at a dirty house. Go over every inch of your home to make sure it’s clean. That means dusting furniture, sweeping floors, and scrubbing walls. A dirty home looks like a chore. A clean home looks like a fresh opportunity.

What other easy home improvements do you use before selling a house? Do you find that some projects work better than others?

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