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5 Reasons Why a New Deck Increases the Value of your Home

5 Reasons Why a New Deck Increases the Value of your Home

All homeowners want to take up a home improvement project that adds significant value to their homes. Whether it’s a paint job, new flooring or a new deck, homeowners want to ensure that all of it is worth every penny. A new deck is the most viable project that you can pick for this year; it increases the value of your home substantially.

1.  It is more appealing for buyers

A new deck can add an aesthetic appeal to your home. Depending on the size, location and the quality of wood used to build the deck, can give a drastic change to the entire look of your home. With the addition of the deck, your home value increases as much as by 50-70% of the original value. Buyers are usually willing to pay higher price for homes with well maintained decks, so you can automatically sell your home at a better rate.

2.  A deck is an addition to your home

A deck is a separate entity attached to your home; it is an extra living area. Especially during spring and summer, a deck is the hub of all activities. Deck is the perfect place to spend quality time with your family, friends and loved ones. You can have barbeque parties, enjoy laidback evenings sipping coffee, or can use the deck as your place to meditate early morning. It is due to the versatility of the deck that increases the value of your property.


3. More benefit for less cost

If you hire the right professionals to build or repair your deck, it can save you a lot of money. Many companies in the US such as Deck Daddy provide top class deck resurfacing services at competitive prices. They make your deck brand new only in a day’s time. The efficient deck repair system allows them to curb costs and offer customers a lower rate for their services. While you may have to spend several hundred dollars, the long term benefits of having a deck in your home are vast, as mentioned in the previous point.

4. Safe and secure

A new deck is free of loose floorboards, moisture, popped out nails and bolts. It’s brand new, safe to use for you and your family. This means a new deck is safe for kids and pets too, where they can enjoy without getting hurt. This keeps homeowners away from stress about their children or pets falling and getting a splinter. A safe deck is very appealing for buyers; you can easily get a higher price for your property with a new deck.


5. Additional Features in the Deck

A deck is not just an outdoor place to relax, but it is a great place to hold parties, cookouts, birthdays, and casual get-togethers with friends and family. A home with a deck is definitely priced higher than one without it. If you have more amenities in your deck, or have a large deck with a great view, the value of your property will be much higher than when you don’t have these extra amenities.

If you’re planning to replace your deck, then try resurfacing your deck. Resurfacing is a great substitute for replacement and gives long term benefits to homeowners. It improves the value of your home while you get a cozy and safe place outdoors to relax and unwind from the everyday stresses.

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