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5 Ways to Turn your Bathroom into a Featured Room

5 Ways to Turn your Bathroom into a Featured Room

5 Ways to Turn your Bathroom into a Featured Room

The bathroom is the one room in the house that it’s okay to be a little quirky in when designing and taking a more interesting line can turn it into one of the most desirable rooms in the home. In fact, it’s quite easy to turn your bathroom into a stand out feature and a talking point for visitors when they stopover at your house – here’s are some great ideas.

The Shower

One of the most notable and stylish additions of recent times has been the Roman bathtub. This standalone beauty was a real eye catcher, however a lot of people never even theirs and so it was a case of style over function.

A large shower area can be equally as attractive and there are all sorts of additions that can be added, including body sprays, steam generators and his and her shower heads. For these features, a larger shower stall is a necessity, though a striking addition. We’re seeing shower sizes in homes reaching the 5×7 feet mark at Hunters, with this size allowing people to omit shower doors, as the showerhead can be placed to prevent spray.

Vanity Room

One of the problems a lot of couples find in the bathroom area is a lack of space. Like the Roman bathtub the double sink has become a lot more common in recent years – however as many people know, this feature is seldom utilised. Swapping the second sink for more counter space is often a far more logical option as it allows more room for morning preparation. In addition, it also removes the expense of a second faucet and reduces the amount of piping beneath, which makes way for more storage space.


Automating the lighting in your home can do wonders for your bathroom. Such technology can be a stand out feature in the home and especially the bathroom. Through the use of proximity sensors you can program lights to turn on and off when a person enters and exits the room. In addition, you can use your smart phone to change lighting colours, dim lights, set up mood lighting at the push of a button and also program a number of configurations in the room. It’s a simple, effective and increasingly affordable option that can make your bathroom and home overall fantastic to live in and UK estate agents Hunters would certainly say it increases the desirability of a home, as well as impacts on value.


Bathroom’s tiling can be the standout feature that overshadows all other features if creative and done well. There are all sorts of wonderful tiles out there but we must say we think that there are few things that look as amazing as well placed mosaic bathroom tiles. Whether you decide on spa style aqua blue mosaic or go for something a little less traditional – purchasing quality and creative tiling is something that will make a bathroom stands out more than most things. One thing, be sure to purchase quality tiles and having the laid by a top end tradesman –otherwise you run the risk of making them look less attractive than they should be.

Attention Grabbing Accessories

The bathroom, as we’ve mentioned, is a great place to let your quirky fun side shine and can have a significant effect on the feel of the bathroom. Fun books, over the top furniture, quirky images and animations, and funny quotes all add to the bathroom and create the sort of toilet humour that ensure your bathroom stands head and heels above all other rooms.

Cormac Reynolds is a writer and a journalist and someone who has a love of DIY and design. He enjoys reading and football and loves the great outdoors.

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