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8 Material Substitutions to Save Money on Your Renovation

8 Material Substitutions to Save Money on Your Renovation

When renovating your home, the costs can escalate quickly. You will be making all sorts of decisions about paint colors and the type of bathtub you want installed. All of these tiny details can add to the cost of your home renovation quickly. There are ways to save money on labor and on parts. If you think ahead, you can select less expensive materials that give the same appearance of more expensive materials. Here are some great ways to save on materials.


1.     Shutters

Your shutters are a great way to give your home a new look without a lot of expense, but there is a way to save money on this simple renovation. If you go with shutters made from plywood instead of hardwood, you will find significant savings. Brands such as Sunburst carry many styles in this material. Plywood can be painted any color and come in a variety of styles to fit your taste just like hardwood. Once they are hung, only you will know that they are not hardwood.

2.     Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are one of those small details that can completely change the appearance of a room. Most of these fixtures are covered with a glass element that covers the bulbs and mutes their glare. You can have the glass replaced with a high quality plastic that costs less. These fixtures generally do not get a close inspection because they are high above people’s head, so no one will know the difference.

3.     Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors have become all the rage, but they can be a high-ticket item in any home renovation. You do have options here. You can substitute hardwood floors with engineered wood flooring. This flooring has a layer of hardwood over a substrate and can be floated over the subfloor. So not only does this save you money on materials, it can save you money on labor, while giving you the look of a real hardwood floor.


4.     Stone Countertops

Everyone loves the new Italian marble countertops. It has almost become a status symbol, but one that comes with a really high price tag. Let’s be honest, who can really tell the difference between Italian marble and marble that came from somewhere in the United States? This can save you up to 20% over the cost of Italian marble. Using granite will save you even more than that.

5.     Laminate Countertops

Modern printing has come a long way, and this translates to laminate countertops. Buying afaux marble countertop made from a laminate will save you big money over the actually cost of marble or stone. You can even purchase laminate countertops that are solid white adding a more modern feel to your kitchen.


6.     Sinks

A stainless steel sink can be a major expense in a kitchen renovation. Even if you purchase a stainless steel sink that is not very thick, you can get a hefty price tag. You can purchase high quality sinks and faucets that have been sprayed to appear to look like stainless steel. You can also select a less expensive material for your sink.

7.     Doors

Doors come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, plywood and hardwood. You can save a lot of money by selecting steel doors over a hardwood. These doors can be painted a variety of colors to suit the outside of your home.

8.     Bathroom Floors

It has become popular to have limestone floors in your bathroom. However, this material can eat up a large portion of your bathroom remodeling budget. Instead, take a look at ceramic tiles. These will give your bathroom that upscale look without the expense of the limestone.

When you decide to remodel your home or different rooms, it is important to establish a budget and get the most for your money. Sometime using a different building material can help you save big and use it for something else you have always dreamed of.


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