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Bathrooms of the Future, What Should We Expect?

Bathrooms of the Future, What Should We Expect?

There is a high demand for the latest bathroom design trends but is it really necessary to have a shower that automatically adjusts pressure and temperature to suit each member of the household? Do we really need to have a mirror that tells us the time and gives us an idea of what the weather might be like for the day ahead? It all sounds quite intriguing but what can we really expect from a bathroom in twenty, perhaps even ten years time?



The key to the whole technological integration thing comes down to portability. The portability of smartphones, tablets and even all-in-one PC’s make accessing the digital world easier than we could ever have imagined. It was never really a computers job to physically move from one place to the other but the introduction of social media has led to people taking their phones into the bath with them on a regular basis.

It’s quite possible that, with products such as the digital mirror, we can have technology installed in our bathrooms and not have to risk losing our smartphone down the toilet. However, with portability being such a huge aspect of modern consumer technology, are we taking a step back by adding aspects of social media to the one place in the household that lets us escape the high demand of the internet?

Design Appeal

The majority of technological advancements that have been mentioned so far, such as the automatic shower, could be quite useful in the long haul, so what about the design appeal? Some people would love to make their bathroom into more of a computer world and also might prefer to go retro and enjoy some of the antique splendour commonly associated with grade-listed properties.

This is really where the whole futuristic concept reaches a particularly challenging obstacle, as a lot of people aren’t interested in watching a built-in TV or having an ugly set of speakers installed above the sink. However, you can’t deny the facts and bathroom designs have continued to change over the years, so what is it that persuades homeowners to spend the money and sway towards the modern bathroom interpretations?

It all comes down to how widespread the latest trends have become and how much cheaper they are likely to be a few more years down the line. People won’t be able to choose how their bathroom looks after a while. They might have a property renovation plan top of the list after learning about all the gadgets and gizmos currently present in their new bathroom but its only when they experience it for themselves that will they say “maybe it’s worth living with after all”.

Personally, I believe new technology should be embraced as it brings new elements of character to the bathroom design market and also gives us the option to see what it was really like for Tom Cruise in “Minority Report” or Colin Farrell in “Total Recall”.

Mike James enjoys DIY projects and is

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