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Create a Mad Men Inspired Modern Man Cave

Create a Mad Men Inspired Modern Man Cave

The “Man Cave” can be an exciting space to decorate, but one neon beer sign can quickly turn this “exclusive” interior into a boy’s clubhouse, instead of the man’s lounge space as it’s intended.  You’ll want to have a sense of all aspects of the cave hideaway before starting any real styling, so I’ve come up with a few tried-and-true ideas to get you started.  It’s time to grow out of your juvenile decor and into something sophisticated.  Want to keep the cave and your dignity?  Try designing your own Mad Men inspired Modern Man Cave.

When you hear the words “Man Cave” the first thing that you’re drawn to is darkness.  It’s cavernous, secretive, and spy-worthy – but that doesn’t mean that the walls should be dark, the furniture should be dark, and the lighting should be non-existent.  Choose items that fit with your style that add pops of color.  Savor your rich woods and metal accents without erasing them in a sea of shadows.  Popular masculine pops of color and lightness come in the form of reds, greys, earth tones, darker turquoise, and navy accents.  By all means, go dark!  Just not all dark.

Another way to have control over the light in your cave space is automated window treatments.  If you’re less of a Madison Avenue penthouse, and more of a James Bond getaway type of fellow, then the latest motorized, wireless, and cordless window treatments are the way to go.  You may not have your own, personal “Q” to whip up inconspicuous gadgets, but with a tap of a finger on your iPhone or remote control, you control the entire room’s automated shades system.

Where will they sit?  One-up your tattered La-Z-Boy recliner with something classic and architectural like an Eames inspired lounge chair.  The molded wood coupled with dark leather creates a visual elegance, yet it remains a comfortable, functional recliner and ottoman combo.  Think Mid-Century Modern and get yourself a skinny-cushioned sofa, or a swanky modular set to seat your guests.  Just promise you’ll save your robustly plush, oversized lounger for your bedroom reading nook instead.


How about recreation?  Of course you’ll want to be the perfect entertainer, so liven the mood with a few shaken-not-stirred cocktails.  Invest in a sleek dry bar that would make your father jealous and stock it with the finest gins, rums, bourbons, and scotch.  Learn how to make a Manhattan, an old fashioned, and the best martini in town.  If that doesn’t satisfy, staples of modern man caves include large flat screen televisions, or gaming areas like poker tables or billiards.  Leave foosball and air hockey for the kids.

Last, but certainly not least, you need to find a theme for your Mad Men inspired Modern Man Cave and all its artwork, accents, and accessories.  If you love the old Hollywood crooners, go for the Rat Pack pictures and invest in a few classic microphones.  If you love movies, instead of taping up a generic store bought poster, find an original, modern artist’s rendition of the film and get it framed.  Have some vintage film paraphernalia to show off?  Stand-alone cube shelves, create a stunning, museum-like display.  Give your goods a spotlight with easily installable (and adjustable) track lighting system!

Whichever theme you would have your Modern Man Cave encompass, remember that comfort, luxury, and sophistication are of utmost importance.  Invest in well-built furniture and classy decor that will stand the test of time, and do not forget about the lighting!  Add pops of color amongst the masculine woods and metals, utilize natural lighting with automated window treatments, and make sure you’ve got enough entertainment.  Picture it.  Soon you’ll be enjoying it all in your very own home.  Cheers.

Kim Rush is a design expert for Decorview with over 15 years of experience in the in the window coverings industry. For more information visit

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