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Designing the Ultimate Bedroom

Designing the Ultimate Bedroom

Aside from the kitchen, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is where most people spend most of their time — up to a third of each day. That’s why the design of a bedroom should echo a person’s thoughts and experiences to create an environment that is inviting and calming and has a real sense of style. Good Night Sleep The primary function of a bedroom is to provide a quiet room to enable a good night’s sleep. A restful sleep helps brain function, repairs muscle fiber and creates a general sense of emotional well-being. For people who have problems sleeping, the design of the room needs to radiate serenity. A simple bed frame will give an uncluttered look where large wood furniture can give a rich, luxurious feel. The choice of bed frames will dictate the design of the rest of the room. When looking for a good mattress, the online consumer site gives the memory foam mattresses the highest rating. You can also find a great Macy’s mattress at the retailer’s site. Once a quality mattress is selected, spend a little more for high thread count sheets with a luxurious, soft feel. Playtime and Relaxing Parents know that the bedroom takes on a role greater than just sleep. The bedroom serves as a safe haven from nightmares, the recovery room for boo-boos, and the arena for tickle fights. Where comfort is essential for sleep function, size and safety are important to create a family-centered, relaxing space. Parenting styles vary and the design of the bedroom will reflect this. One thing that all parents need is “calming down time”. Soft blue tones for the walls and neutral floors can create a soothing bedroom environment reminiscent of sleeping at the beach. Also a king sized bed (or the biggest bed that can fit in the room) is mandatory for parents that expect little visitors to be sleeping with them. Sometimes people just need to hide out. There are some amazing gadgets to make the time in the bedroom even more enjoyable. Instead of mounting a TV on the wall, now the TV can be built right into the bed. Time 4 Sleep offers a variety of TV bed which has a remote-controlled lift for a television up to 32”. With

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a push of a button, the TV rises out of the bed frame. Next, add surround sound to the room with a wireless speaker system mounted into the walls and ceiling to create the ultimate bedroom hideaway. Both marriage therapists and sleep therapists recommend against having a TV in the bedroom. While they provide a way to relax before sleep, they are a distraction from sleep and intimacy. Having the perfect bedroom entertainment hideout means that the fun stuff must disappear when distraction time is over. A great bedroom design will be tranquil when all of the devices are put away. Romance in Spades The bedroom should be a romantic space, too. Bold colors in reds and blacks can convey a message of passion and a little danger. Softer tones can create an atmosphere of tranquil romance. There are practical concerns for a romantic space, too. Sturdy bed frames and a high quality mattress will prevent embarrassing noises. A well designed bedroom will have drawers to hide things that are better left unexplained. The ideal bedroom needs to mix several functional needs and artistic ideas. Whether a do-it-yourself project or a professional job, the most important step to designing the ultimate bedroom is to identify the elements of function and style that need to be pulled together to create the best room for you and your lifestyle. After all, the ultimate bedroom is one that you love.

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