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Home Safety Tips

Home Safety Tips

Preventing your family from Potential Damages

Home security is more than installing burglar alarms, motion sensors and exorbitant surveillance cameras. Though these security systems are vital for the security of a home, there are others things you should not disregard.

For example, your home should be childproof, if you have small kids with you. The basement in your home should not be musty and should be free of mold.  You should have smoke detectors installed in your home to avoid any mishap.

Read on to know more about home security measures you should take to ensure the safety of your family.

Make Your Home Childproof

When living with children, take every possible precaution to make sure that your home is safe. Any lapse in this regard can invite accidents and can lead to injuries. As children are playful and mischievous, they can cause certain accidents. For this reason, you should have a list of emergency telephone numbers (police, doctor and fire departments) at hand. Some other safety measures may include:

Keeping electronic devices, things with sharp edges – such as knifes – and hazardous chemicals in safe places and out of the reach of children.

Installing mechanical cupboard locks so that your utensils and cleaning supplies are stored safely.

In your kitchen, always turn the handles of cooking ware inward or toward the cooking range’s back.

Install Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are easy to install and operate. They are quite cost-efficient and energy-efficient too. They prevent accidents and save hundreds of thousands of lives each year. However, when you have installed a smoke detector, it is crucial that you ensure that it is working properly. Many detectors sound alarms when they have low batteries. Besides, a good idea to avoid battery failure is to change it twice a year.

Discreetly Deal With Musty Basements

Many people overlook musty basements until the conditions aggravate. Cleaning your basement at regular intervals can help prevent pungent odors. Also make sure while cleaning that there is no leakage in the basement that can promote mold growth, as sporadic mold growth is sometimes difficult to control.

In addition, your basement should have proper air flow and dehumidifiers should be installed to reduce humidity.

Above all, ensure that the security systems installed in your home are working properly. Regular inspection of these systems can help combat potential damages before they get out of control.

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