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How to Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Fresh and Clean

How to Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Fresh and Clean

Air pollution is one of the top five health hazards in a home and important to address during the winter and early spring months. When it’s cold out, your windows and doors remained closed for the obvious reason of keeping in the warm air. Unfortunately this also means the air in your home will remain recirculating regardless of how clean the air may be. Below are 8 tips for keeping your air clean and home safe.

1) Check the HVAC air filter every season. On average a standard-issue 1″-3″ filters should be changed every three months.

2) Take note of coughing, sneezing and contagious illness; use disinfectant spray to cleanse sick rooms.

3) Clean you fans. However, if it’s a difficult task then limit the use of your fans or keep them at the lowest setting if the blades and motor are ridden with dust.

4) Take care when using cleaning solutions. Try to avoid using bleach during laundry as it’s notoriously powerful on the olfactory nerves and definitely not something you want mixing with the air you’re breathing, especially in tandem with cleaning chemicals.

5) Be careful when moving old possessions around, as it’s very easy to kick up dust and release into the air where it can recirculate throughout the house.

6) Change the litter box…frequently.

7) If your home was built pre-1980s, get your home checked for asbestos.

8) Keep your showers and tiles clean to eliminate mildew and mold buildup as they can severely agitate allergies and even cause illness.

If you’re proactive about the air quality in your home but don’t feel an improvement in quality after following these 8 steps, it’s possible you may benefit from an HVAC consultation. A professional will take a closer look not only at the HVAC system, but will also assess other sources of air pollution that can turn into an unforeseen problem. Having a healthy HVAC system will efficiently warm your home, keep the electric bill down, and result in a healthier you.

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