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How to Know When Your Siding Needs Replacing

How to Know When Your Siding Needs Replacing

Your home’s siding is not only beautiful, but its role is to protect your home from the elements of Mother Nature. Although most homeowners want their siding to look great, it is more important that it functions as it was meant to. If your siding is not performing as it should, water damage and other major problems can occur to your home’s structure. Learn more about how to identify when your home’s siding needs to be replaced.

Frequent chipping or peeling of paint—An exterior paint job should stay intact for at least 5 years. If your siding needs painting more often, you will need to have a professional assess the quality of your home’s siding. In most cases this would require new siding for your home.
Swelling at the edge—If you see your siding swelling at the bottom edge this is a sure sign of water absorption. This swelling is usually seen with pressboard siding. Replacing the siding is a sure way to keep moisture damage away.

Mildew, mold & dry rot—Mold and mildew are common fungi seen on home siding. It is important to clean your siding at least twice a year with a bleach solution to help combat mold and mildew. If not cleaned dry rot can develop when the wood is not protected or treated properly and compromises the structure of your home. If you find dry rot this may mean that your siding is leaking or that exposed wood needs to be painted in order to protect it from weathering.

Cracks & dents—It is important to keep an eye out for cracks and dents in your siding because this can alter how your siding performs. Cracks and dents can allow for moisture and insects to enter inside the siding causing damage to your home.

Warped boards—If the boards of your home siding are warped it is likely that you have water damage. It is important to get this siding replaced immediately to prevent further damage to your home.

Faded siding—Home siding that is severely faded may need to be replaced. Siding products all have a lifetime rating signifying how long the product should last. Once this rating is expired, you may see fading occur to signify that the siding is in need of replacing.

These red flag indicators are a great way to assess your home’s siding regardless of the type of siding on your home. It is always recommended that you review your home’s exterior at least twice a year for any significant damages. It is also important to assess your siding and roofing again after inclement weather or snow and ice accumulation.


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