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Keeping Pests Away from your Home During the Cold Season

Keeping Pests Away from your Home During the Cold Season

When temperatures start to take a dive, few people think of bug-proofing their homes for the colder months ahead. Most assume bugs and small pests like rodents hibernate during the cold season, and they are correct in their assumptions. However, what they do not realize is that these pests see a warm and dry house as the perfect place for their winter slumber.

Prevention is Crucial

Bugs, ants, spiders, and even mice and other small pests routinely invade homes at the onset of the colder months. Even for places that do not experience the onslaught of a full winter season, the drop in outside temperatures is enough to send pests of all sizes and shapes scurrying indoors. They find their way in through the miniscule tear in the screen or that tiny gap between the window AC and the wall you’ve been meaning to repair or through the vents in the attic.

Keep these pests out by painstakingly sealing and covering up any cracks or holes outside your house. Repair or replace screens and install them on any vents in the house. Replace softened, rotting, wood as mice and squirrels can easily gnaw through it and gain entrance to your house.

Pest proofing may seem a bit excessive and time-consuming – especially if you have a big house. But keeping bugs out of your house during the cold season means not waking up to a bug making its merry way across your kitchen counter at the onset of summer when they wake from their winter sleep and start crawling about.

Store firewood away from your house and a few feet from the ground; a separate tool shed is ideal. Check the storage areas in your house for signs of infestation, as well as other parts of your house that lay undisturbed for most of the year. Look for droppings, gnaw marks, and other signs of bug or rodent presence. It may be necessary to call in a professional pest control company if you find evidence of a widespread infestation in your house.

A reliable and trusted pest control company can help keep pests out of your house during the cold season, as well as any time of the year. Don’t share your warm home with unwanted guests. Be vigilant about sealing your house and call a dependable pest control service before the pests in your house get the better of you.

Author Bio: Beth C. writes about a broad range of topics, including home maintenance and improvement. She is writing on behalf of North Fulton Pest Solutions, a full service pest control company located in metro Atlanta.

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