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BBQ & Kitchen Safety Tips

BBQ & Kitchen Safety Tips

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beach, have fun with friends, relax and cook outside. It is also the time when you have to guard your home from possible fire incidents. During summer, one of the most popular causes of home fires is outside cooking. Yes, those amazing grilling and barbecue moments may turn into a big nightmare if you are not careful enough.

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BBQ Fire Safety Tips

In order to prevent getting your house on fire, here are some BBQ tips that you should keep in mind:

Only use barbecue grill outdoors.

There are some people who will use their grills indoors. This is a big no-no. Aside from being a fire hazard, doing this will also expose the other people living in the house to potent asphyxiation as well as toxic gasses. Aside from grilling indoors, you must also avoid using your grills in enclosed spaces.

Position your grill properly.

Do not ever position your grill towards the fence, buildings, landscaping as well as deck railings. These are combustible objects and will ignite quite quickly and easily.

Never ever leave your grill unattended.

This goes the same with cooking indoors. Always make sure that someone is looking over your grills while cooking.

Remove any grease build-up from your grills.

Any remaining grease in the grills has the tendency to ignite. This is why you must regularly clean your grills. It is also recommended that you have it serviced and screened for any damages or leaks.

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Home Fire Safety Tips

Aside from grilling and barbecue, there are some fire safety tips that you should apply in your home.

Check your extension cords.

A lot of home owners fail to do this. It is a must that you always check your cords– cords in appliances and extension cords. Replace any damaged or overloaded cords in your home. This is most recommended if you are not using heavy duty extension cords.

Clean your home.

If you have lots of newspapers, magazines or junk mail at home, get rid of these right away. As these things pile up, it becomes a nuisance in the event that your house has been set on fire. It will have an effect on the fire’s spread and severity.

Get rid of any leaves and garbage near your garage.

You might think that these things are harmless. Aside from making your house look less appealing, this pile of garbage is a pile of combustible materials. When these are exposed to heated automobile parts, these will have the tendency to ignite.

Refrain from carrying out open air burning.

There are some states that do not allow this. It is always best that you talk with your local fire department first before making any move.

As they say, prevention is always better than cure. These are just some simple tips that you can easily apply but the protection that it can give you is incomparable.

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