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Living With the Trend In 2012

Living With the Trend In 2012

Elegant Paint Colors for Your Home

There are two great reasons people prefer repainting their home.

– 1. Paint is highly affordable and cheap-compared to shifting homes and applying new wall paper each time you see it has deteriorated.

– 2. Painting walls is easy and gives your home a new look in almost no time.

With 2012 coming, and cold winds blowing, selecting some warm colors for your home seems like a good idea. You can give each part of your home a new touch with different vibrant colors to enhance its aesthetics. Though coloring every room in your house may sound difficult, it is not that tricky.

In fact, you can do this painting-exercise yourself. It takes very little time to color the walls and ceilings of a room and, you can complete painting your home even before the fireworks ring in the New Year 2012.

To help you select the best colors for your home, we suggest you consider the following colors. The reason is that they are chic yet elegant and will be in great demand in the upcoming year.

For Your Bedroom: Warm Colors

Deep reds keep your bedroom temperate, even when it is freezing outside. It is an intense color and helps arouse your senses. It creates a soothing environment in the room and helps you sleep peacefully. Other warm colors such as burnt orange, deep purple and deep brown trigger the same feelings.

For those who like cool colors, do not get depressed as the trend of cool and light colors in bedrooms has come back.

For Your Living Rooms: Blue Color

Blue is always green for Americans. It is an indication of power and promotes peace of mind. For your living rooms, you need colors that are convivial and make your rooms look spacious. And this is what deep blue color does.

For Your Kitchen: Choose the Color That Complements Your Appliances

In 2012, select kitchen colors according to the color of your appliances. If there is a bunch of appliances that are dull in color, you can make your kitchen lively by using vibrant colors. However, you don’t have to use the same color on every wall, use different sober colors to complement the darker tone.

For Your Bathrooms: Beige

For bathrooms, soft colors would be in trend in 2012. You can use beige or any lighter tone to revitalize its appearance. Besides, dark colors such as dark gray and chocolate brown can be cobbled together with white to give a unique touch to your bathroom.

Try to be creative, imaginative and unique in your own way in 2012. For this purpose, use your aesthetic sense and come up with wondrous color combinations to make your home look elegant.

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