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Outdoor Cleaning Checklist for Fall

Outdoor Cleaning Checklist for Fall

The leaves begin to fall, the rain begins to pour, and we dream of drinking pumpkin spiced lattes. With the change in season, is your home prepared? It’s time to revisit your spring cleaning routine and incorporate some fall chores.

Fall is a great time to say goodbye to summer and prep your home for the colder months ahead. Spring isn’t the only time to get major cleaning done in your home. Many major chores, such as gutter cleaning and window washing, should actually be done in the fall in order to prepare your home for the wintertime.

Here’s a simple cleaning checklist that will help you prepare for good ol’ winter:

1. Clean The Gutters

Maintaining your gutter annually keeps your gutters clear of debris and prevents decay, wood rot, ice jams and roof damage. The best part? It can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair bills!

2. Remove Moss & Algae

Hideous moss and algae can create exterior house damage and surface stains, which can result in costly paint repairs. Moss tends to grow in September, making Fall the perfect time to clean your yard and getting rid of moss.

3. Sweep the Chimney

Sweeping chimneys cleans soot and ash, which will keep your home safe from fires and potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Cleaning must be thorough and comprehensive as you’re not only clearing out soot and dust, but also scraping and removing creosote that has been built up.

4. Clean the Windows

Windows tend to accumulate summer dust and dirt, therefore it’s important to clean them when the season begins to change. It’s a great time to clean your windows on a cloudy fall day. A cloudy day will help avoid the windows drying up too fast and will also help you see any streaks easier.

5. Clean Outdoors with Pressure Washing

At the end of the summer, fences, sidewalks and driveways tend to be the dirtiest, attracting many summer dust and dirt. To avoid any staining caused by this summer dirt, we recommend cleaning these areas with a pressure washer.

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