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Renovating Your Home? 8 Ideas to Inspire You

Renovating Your Home? 8 Ideas to Inspire You

When renovating a home, it can be easy to spend thousands of dollars of certain features that may not necessarily raise the value of the property. Some parts of the home are simply expected to be in great condition or designed a certain way, making it important to decide what to invest in and change. When budgeting a certain amount of money on new projects, it’s important to choose wisely which options will have the largest payoff.

1. Build a Deck

Decks add a great deal of value to any property due to the functionality they provide for a space to entertain outdoors during the summer months. Approximately 79% of a return on the investment is recouped after building a deck, making it a wise home addition and investment that can be enjoyed for many years.

2. Add Some Fresh Paint

Paint is one of the largest contributors to a home’s appearance. Painting a home both indoors and outdoors is also the most affordable way to increase a home’s value, making it important to upgrade the shade every few years and choose neutral tones for the interior to stay current.

Professional colour specialists can be consulted at home improvement stores as a guide to determining the most popular trends and shades for sound recommendations. It’s also important to add accent walls to certain rooms of the home, particularly the living room or a home office, to add dimension and extra detail to the decor.

3. Include a Home Office

By building a home office or converting an old den into the space, it will be easy to increase the home’s value with a room that is accommodating and has the right outlets needed for work.

Try to install built-in shelving with plenty of windows for a comfortable, but professional space that is fully functional.

4. Build a Sunroom

Sunrooms have continued to increase in popularity, particularly in states with colder weather where residents can enjoy staying warm while still indoors. Not only will a sunroom increase the square footage of the home, but it also costs about half as much as it does to build a typical room addition.

Sunrooms provide a place to relax, along with plenty of health benefits due to the sun exposure that can be enjoyed by residents who would otherwise spend hours indoors for several months.

5. Enhance the Kitchen

A stunning kitchen will easily increase the home’s value as it’s often considered the most important room in the house. It’s a place for both cooking and entertaining, where both residents and guests always seem to congregate.

The best kitchens include a window over the sink, spacious island counters, a large number of cabinets, and stainless steel appliances for a room that is both contemporary and modern with both its appearance and functionality.

6. Beautiful Landscaping

Too many homeowners underestimate the value their landscaping, often neglecting their lawn for other projects inside of the home. However, landscaping is one of the most important factors that determines the property’s value due and contribute to the exterior curb appeal. Potential buyers don’t want to have to spend the extra time or money reworking a yard, instead wanting to be able to maintain it after purchasing a home.

7. Hardwood Timber Floors

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a large factor that can turn potential buyers away as the trend is no longer a selling point for contemporary homes. Hardwood floors not only have a higher quality of durability, but are also considered more sanitary due to the harsh chemicals that can be found in typical carpeting, including allergens that often build over time.

Timber floors are typically low maintenance and do not reveal high areas of traffic in the home, as compared to carpet. Carpet can easily begin to wear after five years, whereas hardwood floors can maintain their quality for decades.

8. Extra Light

Not only does extra light in a home make it appear more spacious and beautiful, but it also saves on electricity costs and has plenty of aesthetic appeal with additional windows displayed. Install new windows with enhanced technology, which can save up to 30 per cent by conserving the energy that is normally lost with older windows.

In areas of the home that are naturally darker, a skylight can be installed for overhead lighting that is both energy efficient and is the latest way to make a home green. It eliminates heat transfer and can easily be shaded during the summer months to prevent an excess of heat from entering the home.

Mark Hutchison owns and operates Lifewood timber flooring in Perth, Western Australia. Connect with Mark on Google Plus now!

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