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Simple Room Upgrades that Help Make a Difference

Simple Room Upgrades that Help Make a Difference

No matter what type of style you want you home to be, there are tips and tricks for the basic room changes and how to make them appear up to date and larger. Some people can afford to change the style of their home every few years, but that does take a lot of time and money. The rest of us choose one style of design that will last for a few years and instead of changing it just add new elements. Here is a list of simple tips and tricks for home design. Living Room Design If you spend a lot of time in your family room or living room, then you can usually tell that your sofa or furniture is also getting a good amount of use. Couches and chairs can be an expensive purchase so instead of buying new ones, give them a face lift. The first tip is to recover the couch with a fabric or cloth. Maybe the white couch worked before you had kids, and is now a hazy shade of beige. By throwing on a flower cover, you save money and avoid looking for a workable couch. If you like your couch and do not want to change the color, but also want to add color or pattern, then you can add in a lot of pillows. Pillows come in different shapes, patterns and textures. In the past, pillows had to be uniform to the color of the couch and all match. In the past decade, that has changed and now different textiles can mix together to work cohesively. Lighting Makes a Difference While most designers say that bringing light into a room makes it appear larger, they are missing the easier option to make something appear larger. A small room can only be enlarged in a small number of ways, but one of them is painting it dark. Try choosing a color such as charcoal or navy as a start. It can be daunting but is worth a try. Dark wallpaper can be used as a substitute as well if you are not committed to painting. Bathroom Décor The décor we see in movies from Roman times shows us the decadence they lived in.

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For the wealthy, which actually were able to bathe, their lavish bathrooms were huge and one of the center points of the home design. A trend that is coming back from so long as is adding a real rug into a bathroom. Rugs can make such a big design difference in any room, and adding it to a bathroom by tub is not only unique, but is also multi-purpose. Article Source

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