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Sun Porches are a Relaxing Addition to a Home

Sun Porches are a Relaxing Addition to a Home

Many of us have an unused corner of the house that soon turns into a cluttered storage space. It’s too small to turn into a bedroom, but is bigger than a closet; therefore it ends up accumulating knick-knacks, a few storage bins, and maybe a piece of discarded furniture. Why let this space go to waste? One of the latest trends in renovation is utilizing every area of your house in order to make a more comfortable living space and to add value to your home. A great way to re-create a small addition is by turning it into a sun porch.

A Unique Space
Sun porches have been around for centuries. They became popular in southern states because of year-around sunshine, and most were built out of necessity: without air conditioning, a screened-in outdoor living area was needed during the hot summer months. However, this trend soon became fashionable in the northern states as well: by turning screens into windows, one could enjoy the outdoors while huddled up against the winter weather. Now-a-days they can be found everywhere due to their new modern design mixed with their old-world charisma.

By turning a mud-room or small alcove into a sun porch, a relaxing oasis is suddenly created. Imagine reading, napping, or watching TV on a hot summer’s day where you have the opportunity to be cool and comfortable inside, yet not feel guilty about missing the sunny day outside. Or it’s the dead of winter and you’re cozy, all wrapped up with blankets on your couch but you still get to watch the snow fall and birds fly south. Watch the rain while staying dry. Be apart of nature without being bit by mosquitoes. It’s the best of the both worlds, all year around.

But these outdoor-indoor living spaces don’t just have to be a quiet get-away. If you have a bigger space, turn this particular space into a den, a library, an office, or a dining space. Imagine doing work or paying bills while encased in a tranquil portico. Since these rooms are so enticing, make it a place where people have the chance to congregate and enjoy them. Enclose it entirely in glass and turn it into a make-shift greenhouse, someplace to store your plants during the winter months. Put in a portable fireplace and all of a sudden you have sky lodge right in your home.

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by Marc Dickinson

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