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Things You Should Consider When Looking for a Replacement Window

Things You Should Consider When Looking for a Replacement Window
Replacing a window isn’t just about taking out the old one, buying a replacement from the nearby store, and then putting the new one in place. This might seem a bit exaggerated, but the window replacement process actually starts the moment you decide to have your old window replaced. You can’t just have your old window removed and think about what to replace it with; you have to decide the replacement BEFORE doing that.

There are so many kinds of windows to choose from, but how do you know which one would go best with your home? Fortunately, you don’t have to limit yourself to one or two choices, but I recommend considering your choices depending on the following criteria.


You want a replacement window, not a temporary fix. This is why you should consider the materials used in making that particular window. You can’t just say “wood is tough” or “PVC lasts a long time”. You need to check if the material used in the window can withstand constant wear and tear caused not just by weather, but also possible damages caused by repetitive opening and closing, especially if it’s a bedroom or living room window.


Do you prefer a single pane window, or a double-hung one? Different types of windows open and close in different ways, with some opening more than others. For example, a sliding window may take less effort to open than an awning window, but an awning window opens up more and let’s more air in. You should also consider a window depending on its location. Swinging casement windows are great for locations that open up to a garden or an open space, but it’s less than ideal for bathrooms, which need more privacy.

Certifications or Labels

Some windows have received certifications to prove that they are good enough to meet a certain level of energy efficiency, durability, and other important factors. If you can, look for a replacement window that has one or more of these labels. The most common labels you should look for are Energy Star labels (which shows how energy efficient a window can be), and NFRC ratings.


Popular window brands are popular not just because of marketing tactics, but also because of how well they perform. Otherwise, you’d have a ton of angry customer complaints and that brand would be gone faster than you can install it. If you can, try to go for more popular window brands when choosing a window. As an added bonus, most brands offer window sets or product lines that go well with each other; perfect if you’re planning to replace more than one type of window.


Without a warranty, you’re basically putting your money on a gamble. It doesn’t matter how “top notch” your new window looks if it breaks down within a year or two. To stay safe (and to spare yourself a lot of cash buying another replacement window) pick windows that come with a good warranty policy.  Sure, there are some cases when the warranty doesn’t apply, but most problems related to poor installation and substandard product quality is covered by warranty.

I hope you find these suggestions for window selection helpful. Good luck on your hunt for the perfect replacement window!

Author Bio: Julie is Dry Tech Roofing and Home Solutions marketing manager. Prior to being promoted to that position, she was in charge of arranging events around Maryland that Dry Tech can participate in. She is blessed with two beautiful boys with her husband Gary.

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