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Ways to Save Money in the Home Long Term

Ways to Save Money in the Home Long Term

In times like these saving money can be a lot easier then making money. Here we look at some of the best ways investing money now to save money in your home in the future.

Installing Solar panels on the roof

Solar panels can generate electricity for your home all year round, they can even make you money by providing electricity back to the national grid. They are made up of lots of little cells which are able to turn light waves into electricity and can work all year round, even on low sunlight days.

The cost of solar panels has reduced dramatically since they were first available in the 1970’s and have the ability to cut your home electricity costs by up to 50%. With prices dropping and government funds available it is possible to make back the upfront cost within 3 years and they can last up to 50 years.

Installing LED lighting throughout the house

LED lighting is one of the cheaper energy saving solutions and are very easy to replace your existing lighting. LED’s can save up to 70% electricity compared to traditional lighting and come in standard fittings so they can simply swap them with your current lighting.

The price of LED’s can seem a lot compared to standard light bulbs but with LED’s lasting over 15 years the price is considerably less compared to the total cost of light bulbs you would have purchased over the next 15 years.

Upgrading electrical appliances

More electricity is being required for new advances in TV with new HD & 3D technologies. By checking the energy ratings on new TV’s before you will notice a massive difference in electricity usage. You will most likely be using you TV for many years to come so choosing an energy efficient one could save you hundreds over the following years.

Install insulation

Keeping heat in the home from escaping can save as much money as energy efficient heat generation. Insulation simply works by blocking heat from escaping and cane be applied to all sides of your house.

Loft Insulation

The loft in most homes are easy to access so loft insulation can often be easily installed by yourself. It is possible to make back the cost of loft insulation in around 2 years in energy savings.

Wall Insulation

Most house’s build after 1920’s will have a cavity wall which can have insulation professionally pumped in the wall to fill the cavity gap. The cost of having the cavity wall filled can be made back in around 4 years of energy savings.

Older house’s that have a solid wall with no cavity would need internal or external insulation professionally fixed to the wall. This will result in a large amount of energy saving’s but the upfront costs of having this type of insulation installed would mean it could take up to 20 years in energy savings to cover the cost.

Install a home fuel cell

Home fuel cells have been around for years and are used by many big companies like Google, eBay and Fed EX to reduce energy costs and lower their carbon footprint. The biggest problem faced with fuel cells is there size. Until recently they have always been too big to be a practical solution to be used in a home. However there companies in japan that have made a home version for the house and are expected to be launched later this year.

About the Author- Joe Watts is the director for InStyle LED Lighting who specialise in different colours and shades of LED Tape for home Kitchens and bathrooms.

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